Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My week is getting away from me

Ever have one of those weeks where the calendar is so full that it's scary? 

Yep.  Me too.

A couple of times I've had ideas that might have turned into blog posts, except for the phone.  Or the doorbell.  Or the dentist visit (kids, not mine--is it okay to whisper "Yay!" and try to forget that I've got one coming up in a bit)?  Or the...well, you get the idea.

I'm in my mid-forties, and every time I think I've got this whole "adult" thing figured out, a week like this comes along, and between helping my daughter figure out her college schedule for next semester and doing other various business-like things I start thinking: nope.  I don't.  I'm still faking being a grown-up.  Like I have been since age 20 or so.

Tell me it's like that for you, too.  Even if it's not like that all the time, tell me it's like that for you when you have one of those weeks.



ElizabethK said...

It's like that for me too. I'd write more about it but this is the hardest term I've ever had, and I'm behind on Thanksgiving. When do we decide to stop pretending, or is that part of the job?

Barbara C. said...

I'm 36 and have five kids,and I still sometimes feel like I'm my eleven-year-old pretending to be a grown-up. You are not alone.