Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy birthday, Kitten!

Today, my sweet oldest daughter turns 18!  Since she's now an adult (!!) I'm going to turn this whole post over to her--except for this sentence, in which I tell you that she is wonderful, amazing, talented, beautiful, and so organized that I depend on her for just about everything.

Here she is:

Hi everyone!  Today I officially turn eighteen.  It doesn't seem possible, does it?  

When I was younger, I was sure that by the time I turned eighteen I would have everything figured out.  It turns out that that is not the case at all, but I have gotten better at faking it.  ;)

I've had a wonderful year with many exciting events.  Perhaps one of the most exciting events was finishing my first semseter of college with a 4.0.  Another really exciting event for me was winning 4th place in a short story writing contest at my college.  Other exciting events included starting my own blog.   :)

I am still learning to play the guitar and I am happy to report that I have gotten much better at it.  I was even able to play a few Christmas carols this year.  I credit my success to the teacher at Justin Guitar, a free online guitar lesson website.  I want to take a minute to explain this guitar website to you all.  The person who teaches the guitar is an accomplished guitarist who, aside from teaching guitar lessons, has been in several bands and has a new album out for sale.  He wants everyone to learn guitar, so he puts all of his professional lessons online, in a video format, for free.  All he asks is that people who use the site donate money if they can.  I really appreciate what he has done, and if any of you are interested in picking up guitar, I highly recommend him.

Tackling the Korean language is still a project of mine, and although I have lots to learn, I am pleased to report that I have learned a lot more words and I am learning to write the language.  It's been a blast and I can't wait to keep learning more.

On the subject of Korean, I am having a South Korean themed birthday party today.  Dad and I started the celebrating a little early by going to the best Korean restaurant in town yesterday afternoon.  It is an authentic Korean restaurant run by a Korean family.  The food there is the best and getting to see some of the Korean culture while you eat is amazing.  While I was out with Dad my sisters decorated the house with decorations such as paper lamps and pictures in a Korean style.  Tonight, Mom is making a Korean style dinner and I plan to watch some Korean television after we come back from Mass.

I hope all of you have a great day and a happy New Year.  God bless you!

(Since I'm eighteen, I'm going to put a picture of me on the blog.  This is from yesterday while we were at the Korean restaurant)

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