Friday, December 6, 2013

The Santa repost roundup

Happy St. Nicholas Day!  My children, who are teens and therefore old enough to be Santa's helpers themselves, were nonetheless charmed and delighted with their St. Nicholas Day treats when they awoke today.  They were mainly charmed and delighted because a) they sometimes think we'll forget, though we never have, and b) we're iced in, here in Fort Worth.  Planning ahead paid off this year! :)

Since it's usually around this time of year that the polite and charitable suggestion that says "Santa is a lie!  Stop lying to your kids!" gets posted on people's blogs, I thought I'd post a handy link list to some of my posts on the subject here.

My Santa essay

Sex, lies and Santa Claus

We need St. Nicholas

Wishing you and yours a blessed St. Nicholas Day!