Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy birthday, Bookgirl! (Placeholder post--to be updated!)

Today our sweet second daughter, who goes by "Bookgirl" on this blog, is turning 17.  I can't believe how the time has flown!

This post is just a "placeholder," though.  Unfortunately, our dear, sweet birthday girl is down with a seriously nasty stomach flu.  Poor girl--she can't have her birthday dinner or cake for a few days--doctor's orders!  She is resting and enjoying some of her birthday gifts, and we're planning to resume the celebration of her birthday in a few days, when she feels better.

I mentioned the birthday blog post to her, and she said she'd really like to come out here in a couple of days to post some of her recent artwork.  So watch for this post to be updated when our Bookgirl is feeling better!

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freddy said...

Feel better bookgirl! We're praying for you and hoping you can celebrate soon!