Monday, January 13, 2014

Wait...kittehs iz librul?

So, I haven't quite gotten back into the habit of this blogging thing: three days last week, and then Thursday and Friday I wimped out.  Okay, so Friday I was down with a migraine, but I can't explain Thursday except to quote Arthur Dent: "I never could get the hang of Thursdays."

And here it's Monday, and Kitten is back at college, and it's nearly 8 p.m., and I have no excuse for not blogging except that I cleaned the house today--oh, and I spent a bit of time hanging around at Rod Dreher's blog.

Which is where I followed the link from this post and took this quiz to determine one's political leanings based upon cultural indicators.

And according to that Time quiz, I am at least 68% liberal and 32% conservative.  But it gets worse--when I took the quiz a couple more times to check my results I came out as high as 76% liberal and as low as 24% conservative.

As I joked in the comment thread over at Rod's, I guess preferring cats, fiction movies and art to dogs, documentaries and Times Square makes one a liberal.  That, and the messy desk thing: who knew it was inherently liberal to have a messy desk?

But I have a feeling that what really skewed my results in the "liberal" direction were the questions I answered as Catholic first, conservative second.  I can't, in good conscience, say I "strongly agree" that I am proud of my country's history--history, as distinct from America herself or American ideals or American inventions, etc.  And I strongly disagree with the idea that my government should treat the lives of its citizens as being much more valuable than lives in other countries--again, more valuable, not that my government should think of its job as being to protect American lives even when that might mean that the lives of those in other countries might not be protected, which would really depend on the situation in order to be morally right.

Then again, it might be because I tend to like things like fusion cuisine.

Or it might really be because I like cats better than dogs.  But hey, with these two around, can you blame me? :)


naturalmom said...

I left you a compliment on that thread just now. (Even though it's getting buried now.) I loved your comments on the history topic. I scored just about the opposite of you on that quiz - 77% conservative, 23% liberal - which is pretty funny because when it comes to politics, I've no doubt we should switch scores!

Because I'm a fairly moderate person, answered most of them "slightly", but the couple I gave a stronger rating to came down on the conservative side (Self-control and pornography), so I think that's what tipped it for me. Also, I think many of us who read Rod's blog think about our political stances more than the average person, so that our "correlation" preferences might not match up as well as the test predicts.

Have a blessed day! Time for me to get off the internet and go prepare for the Foundations of Government class I'm teaching to some teens from our homeschool group this winter. :)

TSW said...

72% conservative, 28% liberal. On target. I've considered myself a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the most liberal and 10 being the most conservative.