Thursday, March 27, 2014

So, a Catholic nun walks into a Catholic high school...

...teaches kids the truth about the sins of divorce and homosexuality, and the kids get up an internet petition denouncing her:

Charlotte Catholic High School is getting backlash from students and parents after a school assembly last week. 

Students said that a guest speaker discussed offensive material about divorce and homosexuality.
Sister Jane Dominic, with Aquinas College in Nashville, has a doctorate in sacred theology.

But her message about the influence divorce has on gender identification and homosexuality didn't go over so well. [...]

The way that material was presented has students and parents in an uproar.

In an online petition, which now has close to 1,800 signatures, one student wrote "we found some of (the) ideas expressed to be both offensive and unnecessarily derogatory. We are incensed that you knew the content of this speech and allowed these ideas to be expressed in a school that should be preaching a message of love and acceptance."

In other words, Charlotte Catholic High School is a den of whining crybaby heretics, just like just about EVERY SINGLE OTHER CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL IN AMERICA.  Seriously--does anybody know of a SINGLE diocesan Catholic high school in America that is not churning out heretical spoiled-brat intellectual infants by the bushel?  Because I have yet to hear of one.

I have three comments:

1. If a Catholic nun comes to your "Catholic" school and gives a talk that is fully in line with Catholic Church teaching, and your students, cry, stamp their feet, wet their pants, and otherwise react in a way that would embarrass toddlers, maybe, just maybe, the problem is with the precious widdle darlings who have been coddled into believing that Church teaching is irrelevant anytime it conflicts with the values displayed on prime time television shows, which the students clearly spend more time with than they do with their textbooks, in Church, or engaging in other serious, grown-up pursuits.

2. If Catholic high schoolers across America are spiritual crybabies, maybe this strategy of delaying Confirmation until the age of sixteen is as useless as I've long suspected it may be.  Did anybody in any of these kids' Confirmation classes examine them to find out if, you know, they actually believe in the teachings of the Catholic faith?  Or were the teachers of those classes too busy sending their feckless students out to city underpasses to teach yoga to the homeless as their "service project?"

3. Can anybody find the smaller online petition (200 signatures as of the time the article above was released) in support of Sister Jane Dominic?  'Cause I'd like to sign it.

UPDATE: Here's the link to the petition supporting Sister Jane Dominic; thanks to LisaR for sharing it!


LisaR said...

LisaR said...

PS Red Cardigan, Dh took a job in DC, and we specifically choose to live in VA for our kids to attend this (interestingly, same order) Dominican/Diocesan High School which focuses on BioEthics. Blows us away every day!! With MA in Theology, dh can attest that our sons are receiving graduate level lessons on Moral Theology and Ethics, but in a way they can comprehend, and better still, communicate effectively to others. PRICELESS. not surprisingly, we've met numerous families who have moved here specifically for this school.

Red Cardigan said...

Thanks, Lisa! I have signed in support of the faithful students at Charlotte Catholic.

LarryD said...

Up to 623 signatures as of this comment...

David Sharples said...

Let's start with: All Catholic children have a right an education in the Faith, through HS.

The predominate model for a Catholic HS, grown from a contraceptive mentality, is super-prep school, with a majority of non-Catholics and CINOs in attendance; sports & high_SAT are not the source and summit of the Faith. These schools are not only a poor witness to the Faith, they effectively keep 95% of Catholic teenagers from receiving a Faith education through HS.

1. Change to early Confirmation.
2. Train faithful persons to Teach in Parishes through Orthodox Distance Education..
3. Implement schools that teach the Faith through HS. The Muslims do it, they teach all their children through HS, why can't we.

4. You can keep an elite HS if you want, but if you do, please Teach the Faith to all first and then keep the HS Catholic.

Leroy said...

St Mary's high school in Bismarck is solid, especially in Religion classes and liturgical/sacramental life: