Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Writing and procrastination

Last night, I opened up my as-yet unfinished manuscript of book five in the Tales of Telmaja series I'm working on, and discovered that it has been four months since I've even looked at it.

I could blame NaNoWriMo for being in November.  December is never a good "finish your manuscript" month.  But then--what month is?  And given that I usually don't do the "Camp Nano" thing in April or June, what's my excuse, anyway?

I could blame the editing of book two, A Smijj of Adventure, which admittedly did take up most of December.  And technically I haven't even finished yet--because I have yet to release the e-book version.  There's been a technology change since the last time I released an e-book, so I'm still trying to figure out which way to go.  But I also haven't made it a top priority, which is my own fault.  (Thanks, by the way, to the four or five people who have asked for the e-book--your patience is appreciated.)

I could blame life and homeschooling and mothering generally.  We've had more than our share of winter bugs this year (poor Bookgirl is battling another bad cold as I write this).  We've had lots of busy weekends and busier weeks.

But the plain and simple truth is that to be a writer is to be a procrastinator.

Sure, there are a few exceptions.  But most people I know who write, whether for a living or for a hobby, whether successfully or not, admit to being skilled at the art of Putting Writing Stuff Off for other pursuits.  Sadly, some of those other pursuits also involve writing; I'm far from being alone in spending hours dabbling in blogging or other forms of non-fiction while leaving my fictional characters stranded in dire peril for months at a time.

All of this is a long way of saying that I need to get back to my books, and that blogging may be rather more sporadic than usual--and it has been sporadic of late, anyway--while I get my Telmaj back in order.  And there's this other book involving mermaids and vampires that I really do need to finish, too...

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Barbara C. said...

Count me in as someone waiting for the e-book. :-)