Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Smijj of Adventure: Kindle Edition Now Available!!

Good news for those faithful and much-appreciated readers of my Tales of Telmaja series!  Book Two, A Smijj of Adventure, is finally available as a Kindle e-book!

Go here for A Smijj of Adventure on Kindle--only $2.99!

More good news: I have enrolled both The Telmaj AND A Smijj of Adventure in the Kindle Match Books program!  That means that if you purchase a print copy of either book, you will be eligible to purchase the Kindle edition for only $0.99.

Now, I don't know for sure how long it will take for the books to show up as Kindle Match books, but I believe they should be available that way soon.

Thanks again to all my wonderful (and patient) readers!  Next up: A Smijj of Danger, Book Three, which I'll be editing over the summer! :)

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Laura S said...

Woohoo!!! *buys*

Red Cardigan said...

Thanks, Laura! :)