Monday, August 11, 2014

What can one even say to such idiocy?

Busy weekend, busy week ahead: infrequent blogging.  We’ve done this before.

But I couldn’t let the day slip by without sharing this: apparently Land’s End has seriously ticked off mommy shoppers, who found in their orders of children’s uniforms and swimwear a special bonus: a copy of GQ magazine, featuring a naked woman on the cover and with articles inside offering sex tips for perverts.  Rod Dreher has the story (warning to moms--Rod’s blog shows the magazine cover, so don’t click the link if your kids are in the room):
On and on and on it goes. I can’t imagine what kind of marketing department for a middle-of-the-road clothing retailer — one that until this spring, was owned by Sears, and heaven knows you can’t get more square than that — decides a magazine like GQ is appropriate to send unsolicited to its customers. My guess is a marketing department whose decision-makers don’t have children.
You know what I think?  I think it’s the same people who decided that JC Penney, another squarest of the square retailers, should go all tragically hip and push pedophile chic and “50 Shades of Gray Wear” instead of normal clothing actual humans might want to wear.  Because suburban moms and the over-50 female customer who makes up a huge segment of their market were eager to embrace both of those looks, right?

Or, more possibly, the idiots in the marketing departments are so enamored of their own genitals that they think everybody else makes shopping decisions with their reproductive organs, and can’t even imagine that what a bed-hopping twenty-something with a collection of exotic STDs and less moral sense than a monkey thinks is a good idea won’t be universally appealing.  One can only imagine their shock and consternation as the Land’s End Facebook page fills up with irate posts from angry moms declaring they won’t shop with Land’s End anymore--why, how could anybody be upset that the kids opened the box with their new uniform slacks and saw the picture of a woman of obvious loose virtue advertising her only assets on the cover of a magazine as tame and family-friendly as GQ?  “But...but it was free!” one can only imagine the bright boys, girls, and people of the other 48 genders exclaiming in consternation as they put their bongs down long enough to bend their prematurely-Botoxed brows in the semblance of concern.

What can one even say to such idiocy?

UPDATE: According to Rod, Land’s End is apologizing.  I think the apology letter leaves a lot to be desired, but at least they’re admitting error here.


Sherry Antonetti said...

I so love your rant. And to think, I'd planned to get some last minute shopping done with them. Well, there are other stores. But it's getting harder to find them.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

To such wise and insightful discourse I can add nothing, but your page has an impressive new esthetic to it -- haven't seen that last time I was over here.