Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Yesterday, I published a post about Catholic Outrage Porn Addicts.

I received one comment.  From somebody earnestly trying to get me to reject the “Vatican II heresy” and join the real Catholic Church.

Sometimes when you’re addicted to Outrage Porn, you can’t actually even read what the other person is saying.  You are just on a mission to inform, from the great kindness of your heart, every person who accepts that the Church is still Catholic and that the present Pope Francis is, you know, a duly elected successor to St. Peter and not some heretical pretender to a vacant throne, is actually not a Catholic at all and will probably go to Hell (but have a nice day!).



LarryD said...

So what you're saying, Erin, is that the comment was...outrageous?

Red Cardigan said...

I see what you did there, Larry. :)