Friday, February 20, 2015


There’s an issue I really wanted to blog about today.  It centers around a story many of you have already heard, and it pertains to the decline in religious liberty in the face of the hostile imposition of a gay-rights agenda by the judiciary.

I will try to blog about it on Monday, because with a migraine that has lasted all day and that is making my vision a bit blurry as I type this, I don’t think I can do such a complex post justice right now.

I’m not sure I can do any post justice right now.  But I’ll try, by listing, in no particular order, ten things I am grateful for today:

1. I am grateful for my family.  They are always loving and helpful, and especially so when I’m battling one of these migraine monsters.  The banana bars Bookgirl and Hatchick put together to go with dinner were delicious!

2. I am grateful for my friends, both in-real-life and online (and you special ones who are both!).  I am grateful for people who post fun memes on Facebook that make me laugh out loud.

3. I am grateful for my faith, for its seasons, even for Lent (even if I grumble).

4. I am grateful for my parish community and all the good it brings into my life.

5. I am grateful for the path around the nearby lake, which is getting me out walking more often.  I am grateful that my two younger girls (who were home today) went for a walk with me--it helps, sometimes, to get some fresh air, even when your head is pounding.  I’m grateful for the chance to watch a baby turtle paddle its way to a pile of floating sticks, attempt to climb them, fail, and swim right back until it got on top of them triumphantly for some rest and sunshine; I’m grateful for the Great Egret we saw in flight.

6. I am grateful for a quiet evening at home.

7. I am grateful for many material blessings, including a freezer with plenty of ice cube trays and a slow-cooker that made dinner for tonight.

8. I am grateful that tomorrow is Saturday and I don’t have to be anywhere too early.

9. I am grateful that one of our cats (Smidge) likes to sleep on my feet when it’s cold outside.

10. I am grateful that migraines, like all things, do eventually come to an end.

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