Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow Day

And this is why I didn’t blog yesterday.  :)

Celebrating Thad’s birthday quietly at home today, as the roads are still rather difficult.

See you Monday!


David Sharples said...

No offense at all, but living in New England especially this year... that's not snow, it's called a dusting. ;-)

Red Cardigan said...

David, none taken! I’m originally from Chicago.

But our neighborhood was iced in until Sunday afternoon, because we also don’t have sand trucks here, so that “ice on top of snow” thing was impossible to drive up hills in.


David Sharples said...

Ah, 1/2 of inch of ice is worse than 2 feet of snow!

Tips: avoid hills -drive around them on longer roads with slight inclines, triple stopping distance required, use transmission and downshift for control, take a front wheel drive or AWD car only, when going up an incline maintain momentum -do not stop, take auto traction off if tires are spinning.. stay home and drink hot chocolate if at all possible. :-)