Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another snow day

We had another snow day today--the older girls got a call at 5:30 a.m. to tell them their college campus would be closed for the day.  Since all the other colleges in the area had already decided to cancel classes for today as of Wednesday night this was hardly a surprise.

I may be from a colder state originally, but I prefer the normal Texas springs (well, apart from the occasional tornado, but nobody really likes those).  By March 5 I’m usually rediscovering my short sleeved shirts and sandals.  Instead--well, Smidge the cat demonstrates the situation (photo by Hatchick):
(Smidge, sitting on a sweater and wrapped in a scarf)

I think we’re as ready for spring as those of you reading this in the North must be!  :)


Elizabeth said...

Oddly enough, Red, here in Minnesota we have been told that winter is, for all intents and purposes, over for the year. There may be the occasional visit of a brief snowfall, but nothing to get very excited about.

Of course, we never really believe long term forecasts.
But we are looking at temps in the 50s next week!

To the Nordic mindset, this is one of nature's ways of making it up to us for the long bitter winter last year, but also may mean we'll have another awful one next year. We don't like to get too excited.

scotch meg said...

The snow in front of my garage (used for storage) is taller than I am (over 5 feet! maybe even over 6 feet!) There are rumors of spring, and it's supposed to hit 50 on Wednesday, but ... no spring until the snow is a lot lower.

I want spring.