Thursday, March 19, 2015

If you give a mom...

If you give a mom a white feast day, she will want to bake a giant cookie.

If you also give her a migraine, she will forget that the cookie batter needs two pizza pans, not just one.

If she forgets that the cookie batter needs two pans, she will try to bake ONE giant cookie on a pan that is too small.

If she tries to bake ONE giant cookie on a pan that is too small, the cookie will drip unbaked dough onto the oven floor.

If the cookie drips unbaked dough onto the oven floor, the unbaked bits will catch on fire.

If the unbaked bits catch on fire mom will put the fire out but then be unable to use the oven to cook dinner until everything has cooled enough to be cleaned.

If a mom with a migraine has reached this point, she is going to call her husband and ask him to bring home pizza on the way home from work.

If she calls her husband, he’s going to bring home the most awesome pizza ever from a place mom hasn’t tried yet along with a cinnamon dessert pizza to enjoy on the white feast day.

And he’s also going to clean the oven for her after dinner.

Because he’s wonderful.

And she’s still wearing ice and hoping the migraine will go away by tomorrow...but somehow, that doesn’t really matter.


1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

You must have a wonderful family life. Good for Chad.

Now, about those danged migraines - so sorry. My ocular migraines have increased with the return of more sunny, high pressure days. Any connection in your case?

Mine can usually be stopped before progressing to the full day in bed by taking an extra strength acetaminophen, an aspirin, and a cup of coffee. Otherwise known as two Excedrin. That, and get the hands or feet in hot, hot water for 20 minutes to open the blood vessels and get some of that blood rushing out of the head.

Wishing you a quick recovery.