Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Donut Song; or, what small children call the Recessional Hymn

Not long ago at Mass, a little boy, seated with his family near the section where our choir sits, got a little antsy during some lengthy announcements after Communion.  Finally he leaned over and murmured to his mom, “Is it time for the Donut Song yet?”

(Yes, I usually spell that word “Doughnut,” but I can’t help but spell it the way it would make sense to a little boy for this post.)  :)

I shared this with one of my sisters whose children are still young, and she laughed, and agreed that “The Donut Song” was probably what most small children call the Recessional Hymn.  Then she told me I needed to write The Donut Song.  I promptly forgot all about it until today, when some lyrics occurred to me just before I had to head out the door for a dentist appointment, proving once again that as a procrastinator I always get things done at the last minute and under pressure.  Or something.

Anyway, here, for all the moms of antsy toddlers and wiggly young ones, is:

The Donut Song (sung, more or less, to the tune of All Are Welcome)

Yes, it's time to sing the Donut Song
It's almost time to go,
We will hurry to the exit doors
And we won't go row by row.
There is coffee for the grown-ups
And we'd better get there fast;
Cause there might still be a chocolate one for me:
Time for donuts!
Time for donuts!
Time for donuts after Mass.

See, I made it through the opening prayers
Through the readings and the psalm--
Though that smack I gave my brother then
Might have given mom some qualms
Still, I colored through the sermon
And so, I know, at last,
I will get to have my sweet reward now:
Time for donuts!
Time for donuts!
Time for donuts after Mass.

You know Sunday's not my favorite day;
Being good is such a chore,
I admit that once a month ago
I sank weightless on the floor.
But when Dad hauled me back off it,
I pleaded for a pass,
‘Cause you know that I’ll behave if there is
Time for donuts,
Time for donuts!
Time for donuts after Mass.

And someday I'll have kids like me
Who will play and act the fool
And I'll take them on the Walk of Shame
Out to the vestibule.
But I'll share with them my childhood
And this wisdom from my past
That if they are good they’ll soon be singing:
Time for donuts!
Time for donuts!
Time for donuts after Mass.


freddy said...

Brilliant! My kids and my friends with little ones will love this!

John InEastTX said...

Wait - there are parishes that serve donuts and coffee after Mass?

Mine doesn't...oooooh...

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I'm guessing here, not having paid attention last time I was present at a celebration of the mass, but there was a minor 60's "folk" song called Dona, Dona Dona about a calf going to market to be slaughtered and a sparrow flying cheerfully overhead. So, is that distantly derived from a song that closes the mass with the words "Dona, dona, dona" or something similar? Or is "donut" derived from something else?