Friday, October 2, 2015

Bad week for the culture of life

I've had a slight cold this week, which is one reason why I haven't been blogging (the other reasons are my usual lack of focus and the fact that one of my fiction books has been driving me crazy).

But I wanted to refer to a few things that have happened this week, because this week hasn't been a great week for the Culture of Life:

--Planned Parenthood continues to reveal that they are mass killers on a grander scale than most such killers throughout human history;

--Even Pope Francis' pleas for clemency couldn't stop the state of Georgia from executing a woman who incited her lover to kill her husband, although the actual killer got life in prison instead;

--A shooter went on a rampage at a college in Oregon, specifically targeting Christians and killing ten people;

--Brave young American men and women continue to die in the Middle East in the name of freedom, while questions about the wisdom of our even being there anymore get swept under the political rug;

--Russia began airstrikes in Syria, while the US and others condemned these actions by saying they would fuel more terrorism.

We can, and should in many cases, focus on these issues individually. Planned Parenthood should be defunded, the death penalty should be abolished wherever it is no longer needed for public safety, sensible measures to keep guns out of the hands of would-be mass killers should be debated and sound actions taken, or Middle East commitments should be scrutinized closely, we should avoid escalating war while not failing to condemn unjustly disproportionate acts of war.

But I think we're missing the underlying cause of much of this, which is that when you spend half a century or more convincing people that humans are not particularly special, that there is no eternity, that we are nothing but organic pain collectors racing toward oblivion, that shallow and fragile relationships are more self-satisfying than sacrificial and lasting ones, that children don't need mothers or fathers, and that we have no duty or obligation to anyone other than ourselves and no concerns greater than our own pleasures and entertainments, you have created a people who care so little about human life that none of these issues particularly matters anymore.

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Elizabeth said...

Sorry to say this, Erin, but you are delusional if you think that PP will be permanently defunded, just as you are delusional to think that you can reverse no-fault divorce laws.

Millions of American women, as many as one in twenty, have depended on PP for basic care when they had no insurance. On a sliding fee scale they provide cancer tests, manual exams, and screenings for diabetes, anemia, kidney disease, as well as blood pressure checks and STD tests. Some centers also offer mammograms and prenatal care.

Too many women have been helped by PP for this defunding move to be anything but a chance to try to rile up the base during the run-up to the presidential primaries, and the videos and Congressional hearings have only increased donations to PP.

You tilt at windmills, my friend, just as I tilt at windmills on gun control (with you).