Thursday, December 3, 2015

A lovely birthday

I have had a truly lovely birthday today!

Middle-of-the-week birthdays are quiet. People are at work and school, so we usually do our celebrating in the evening.  But I had a very nice walk with Hatchick around our nearby lake this afternoon; the weather was gorgeous!

Later I chatted with family members on the phone as I put together a simple lasagna for dinner (my choice; everyone's always willing to pitch in and/or order out, but this was what I really wanted to do today). Thad came home a little early (which I always appreciate), and then Kitten and Bookgirl arrived from work and school respectively bearing flowers, a balloon, and a birthday tablecloth and plates to go with the general birthday decor (which they all put up this morning).

Then we commenced the party with dinner. They showered me with presents, spoiling me rotten! Afterwards we relaxed with some fun TV, and enjoyed a carrot cake as the grand finale:

Sometimes the quiet birthdays are the loveliest, especially when they're filled with so much love. :)

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