Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Odd Google Searches of the Week

It's time again for that intermittent feature where I post search terms people have entered into Google, which for barely explainable reasons have led them to this blog. As always, these are in no particular order:

1. Pop-tarts with tea. I have no objection. I do, however, have a sister who likes to eat pop-tarts with hot chocolate. Oh, and she butters her pop-tarts--at least, she used to. And she's unbelievably thin, too. Love you, sis! :)

2. Mick-a-matic camera. I didn't know what that was, so I Googled it myself. Turns out it's a toy camera from the early 1970s. Clearly the problem of character licensing toys to entice children to whine for them goes back even before cable television.

3. Marty Haugen, pro and con. You'll tend to get "con" on this site. Still, it's a positive sign that you're Googling the phrase at all--and if you have anything to do with a church choir, may I recommend also Googling "chant" and "sacred music" as well? :)

4. Is it wrong to send an orthodox child to Catholic school? Now, the problem with this one is that the searcher didn't apparently capitalize "orthodox." So I don't know if what he/she is asking is whether it's wrong for an Eastern Orthodox child to attend a Catholic school, something about which I'm not qualified to comment. But if the searcher means small "o" orthodox, then the answer is--quite possibly. Catholic schools are excellent at removing orthodoxy from their students--sad but true.

5. Can a practicing Catholic be pro-choice? Well, there are people who are practicing Catholics who call themselves "pro-choice," so it's not a physical impossibility or anything. That said, though, it's not possible for any serious Catholic to dissent in an open and active way from Church teaching about abortion and remain in good standing in the Church. Truth is--and this may offend some--most of the so-called "pro-choice" Catholics I've ever met have been almost unbelievably ignorant both about what abortion really is and about the historical weight and philosophical depth of Church teaching against it. Sadly, a lot of "pro-choice" Catholics think of the issue as "The Church just wants womyn (sic) to be barefoot and pregnant and subservient instead of letting them control their own bodies!" What's really weird is that a lot of these self-proclaimed "pro-choice" feminist Catholics

6. Minimalist ascetic austere zen simple life. My first piece of advice, grasshopper, is to avoid Googling a whole string of synonyms...

7. Liturgic pet. Granted, I wrote about liturgical pet peeves a long time ago, which explains why the searcher found my page. But, curious, I searched using the words "liturgic pet" and came across...liturgical pet clothing. For, apparently, Lutheran pets. No, really. Go look. And there are other places making similar items. Here's an example:

Hope you enjoyed this installment of the intermittent Odd Google Searches feature!

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I believe our good friend Geoff G made an admirable choice when he left the Catholic Church because he was not willing to be a "cafeteria Catholic." If the church wouldn't have him as he was, and he wasn't willing to change to fit what church discipline demanded, he would not pretend. But I believe there is room for "pro-choice" Catholics without violating the teachings of the church.

It is of course impossible to be Catholic and seek, have, or perform an abortion, or to facilitate any of the above. However, a person could be an observant member of a Roman Catholic Church, give no aid to a woman procuring or a doctor performing abortion, earnestly work to dissuade women from aborting, and, at the same time, believe that the bishops' current emphasis on restoring criminal penalties by any means necessary is an ill-advised course of action, for any number of reasons. I have yet to read that if the bishops want a court precedent overturned, a Roman Catholic who has a different view of good government is in violation of church canons, or that their immortal soul is, on that ground alone, in jeopardy.