Thursday, February 11, 2010

Record snowfall

Turns out we set a record around here today, for the most snow ever in a single day; the old record of 7.8 inches was passed by 7 pm with 7.9 inches recorded, and snow still falling.

Emmett watched the snow for a while and then decided to solve the problem of the cold wet stuff the way he solves every problem: he went to sleep. It's a simple approach to difficulties that would be nice if we humans could get away with it.


UPDATE: Over nine inches now. I'll try to post the official total in the morning!

UPDATE 2: 11.2 inches. Wow!

UPDATE 3: Some pictures Thad took around our neighborhood, posted on his blog.


Irenaeus said...

Enjoy it? Interesting change of pace for you, I'd think. Good time to snuggle up with something, whether tea of the cat.

Erin Manning said...

Well, not really a change of pace, since I've spent more of my life in cold climates than warm ones.

But the children are loving it--so much fun for them to play in the snow!

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of snow!

We are just getting ours.

Deacon Dean said...

My nephew and his wife live in Dallas. We went to their wedding two years ago in February. We had barely crossed from Louisiana into Texas when the flakes started falling, and we drove through a blizzard to get to Dallas for the wedding!! When we drove home three days later it was gone. But it was nice while it lasted.