Friday, March 5, 2010

The abridged edition, round 2

As I did last Friday, I'm posting today a post full of links to stories I didn't get to this week along with some quick comments. Since I've now done this two weeks in a row, there's a chance this may actually last as a "feature."

So, in no particular order:

1. Do you suffer from insomnia? Does it seem like the harder you try to fall asleep, the less likely you'll be able to? Science agrees: trying to get to sleep is a pretty foolproof way to keep yourself awake. Details here.

2. President Obama would like more money and programs to stem the high school dropout rate. My solution to the problem of the high school dropout? End compulsory education at sixteen, not eighteen. There are people who think that our mandatory to-age-18 high school programs came about as the result of Depression Era ideas about keeping the young out of the employment sector longer. We've now started to act as though at least two, if not four, years of college are also mandatory--but not every teen benefits from all that extra education. I think we should seriously consider a tight, two-year high school program which covers the basics well but wastes little time on anything else, as an option for those who don't want to spend four years in high school getting ready for the next four to eight years of schooling. At least that way, those kids who leave school at sixteen will have the life skills they need to pursue gainful employment, pay bills and manage simple finances, and otherwise function in the adult world.

3. Here's an interesting look at pro-life efforts to illustrate to the African-American community that abortion has been particularly devastating to them. I think it's pretty hard to argue that abortion hasn't been used as genocide against African-Americans--something that Margaret Sanger would probably have approved of wholeheartedly.

4. David Brooks thinks that Tea Partiers are just the Wal-Mart version of hippies. I guess I've missed the bombings, riots, and other tactics of the Left being used among the angry granny Tea Party crowd. I mean, where's the Tea Party version of Bill Ayers? Oops, I forgot--it's impolite to mention that man's name during the Obama administration.

5. The push for female equality in the military has had at least one unintended consequence: a female Navy officer has proved that women can be as abusive, cruel, and foul-mouthed in positions of power as any man could be. Read the story here; my take--I'm not learning anything a succession of axe-grinding female gym teachers didn't teach me back in school.

That's all for now! See you later!


Siarlys Jenkins said...

I think you're on to something about high school and education in general. Unfortunately, we would need to change the entire mindset of HR departments to make it work. A distant cousin of mine's daughter went to a job fair shortly before graduating from college with a Bachelor in Political Science. She got a job -- as a manager trainee at Kohl's. That used to be precisely the sort of good job that a high school graduate could get. But, just because there are so many college graduates to choose from, they will take a college graduate over a high school graduate.

College is over-rated. At one time it was reserved to the fortunate, and people with genuine aptitude and ambition for fields that needed what a college taught were excluded. But, now the mantra is that EVERYONE should go to college. Its not for everyone. There are plenty of good jobs available that don't require what college teaches. We need to get the job market back in tune with that.

(It might also mean more young men finding confidence they could support a family by the time they get a girl pregnant, or even marrying her before they get her pregnant, with a resulting drop in reliance on abortion -- we could all celebrate that.)

PersonalFailure said...

I mean, where's the Tea Party version of Bill Ayers?

Well, there's that guy who flew a plane into an IRS building.