Friday, March 26, 2010

The Legion, from Alpha to Zenit

This ought to be my last Legion post for a while; I plan to wait and see what Rome will do, and while I'll continue praying for all affected by the Legion (including the good people who are involved in some way, some of whom are struggling to decide what to do) I don't anticipate that I'll need to write any further for the time being. Of course, in the event of breaking news I reserve the right to jump back in to the topic.

But it occurred to me that one of the reasons for all the heated comments in the earlier posts is that people who are in the LC/RC or who are Legion defenders really don't get how difficult it has been for those of us outside the Legion even to figure out who and what are Legion apostolates or ministries. Some might have assumed, for instance, that everyone knows that is a Legion apostolate, when in reality some people still don't realize that Faith and Family or the National Catholic Register are. Sure, most of the Legion apostolates' websites now contain information (usually a small mention at the bottom of a web page) which says who is behind the site. But it wasn't all that long ago that information like that was very difficult to find. Even today the Legion connections aren't always that easy to spot.

For instance, take the National Catholic Register's website. At the bottom of the page there is copyright information which says "Copyright 2010 Circle Media, Inc." Okay, well, everybody knows that Circle Media is the Legion, right? Or do they? I know I didn't always know that.

Okay, but the "About Us" page mentions the Legion, yes? Actually, as of this writing, the "About Us" page only mentions that Circle Media is a nonprofit company located in North Haven, CT. The page giving information about the publisher does mention that Father Kearns is a Legionary of Christ--but to see that Circle Media is, indeed a Legion-affiliated company you have to visit Circle Media's webpage.

It's like that with many other websites. Oh, "X" is a Mission Network apostolate! And Mission Network is affiliated with Regnum Christi! And Regnum Christi is, of course--etc. For the newcomer to Legion affiliates and apostolates this can all seem like a tangled puzzle, especially when you start getting information or fund-raising solicitations from groups you've never heard of, and have no idea that these groups are Legion affiliates or apostolates.

So, as a service to those who, like me, are seriously pondering what connection, if any, we ought to have with Legion of Christ apostolates or affiliates until after Rome has issued directions for the future, whatever those might be, I'm providing an alphabetical list of all the Legion of Christ/Regnum Christi apostolates I could find on the Internet in various places. I'd be happy to add more names if people know of other apostolates/affiliates I haven't listed here; I'll also be happy to remove and clarify if anything listed here is definitively not a work of the Legion.

To make it easy to update the list and for people who want to use it to find it, I'll keep a link to this post available on my sidebar.

Here's the list:
Alpha and Omega Clinic
Altius Foundation
Anahuac Network of Universities
Cancun-Chetumal Prelature
Canyon Heights Academy (San Jose, CA)
Catholic Kid's NEt
Catholic Spiritual Direction website * (heavy LC/RC involvement; not necessarily owned by Legion)
Catholic World Mission
Catholic Youth World Network
Center for Family Development
Center for Integral Formation
Christian Life
Circle Media
Clear Water Academy (Calgary, Canada)
Cypress Heights Academy, Baton Rouge, LA (heavy RC connections)
Dublin Oak Academy (Dublin, Ireland)
El Arca Business Group
Everest Academy (IL)
Everest Academy (Manila)
Everest Academy (MI)
Faith and Family
Gateway Academy (St. Louis, MO)
Guadalupe Radio Station (NOTE: Not Guadalupe Radio Network in TX & NM)
Grupo Integer (see here)
Helping Hands Medical Mission
Holy Spirit Prep. School, Atlanta, GA. * Not a Legion school; has Legion priest at head of Campus Ministry
Hombre Nuevo Multimedia Center
Immaculate Conception Academy, RI
Immaculate Conception Apostolic School, NH
Institute for the Psychological Sciences
International Center for Integral Formation (a term, by the way, the LC is trying to trademark)
Kids4Jesus (K4J)
Leadership Training Program
Lumen Institute
Magdala Center
Mission Hope
Mission Network
Mission Youth
Moda Real (a Pure Fashion-esque program begun by Regnum Christi women as a similar program for Hispanic young women)
National Catholic Register (Note: has been sold to EWTN)
National Consultants for Education, Inc.
Northwoods Catholic School (Houston, TX)
Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center
Oak International Academies (some individual schools already on this list)
Oaklawn Academy (Edgerton, WI)
Our Lady of the Apostolic Family Center, Indianapolis
Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center
Our Lady of Mount Kisco Retreat Center, NY
Overbrook Academy (Warwick, Rhode Island)
Pilgrim Queen of the Family
Pinecrest Academy (Atlanta, GA)
Pontifical Regina Apostolorum College
Pure Fashion
Rolling Hills Academy (San Antonio, TX)
Royal Palm Academy (Naples, FL)
Sacred Heart Apostolic School
School of the Faith Pontifical Catechetical Institute
Springhill Center for Family Development
St. Rafael Guizar y Valencia Missionary Center
The Highlands School (Dallas, TX)
TORCH homeschooling * has many lay leaders with strong LC/RC ties
Triangle Center for Family Development, Cary, NC
Universidad Interamericana Para el Desarrollo
University of Sacramento
Vocation Action Network
Walking With Purpose (Catholic women's Bible study--not an official RC apostolate but containing heavy RC ties and use of RC materials.)
Why Not Priest? (
Woodlands Academy (Dublin, Ireland)
Woodmont Academy (Baltimore) NOTE: a commenter informs me that this academy was shut down a couple of years ago. Information on the web says the school closed in June of 2011.

Total: 77 (and counting...)

If you know of more, please send them along!

Also, any asterisks beside a name indicate less formal connections or ties. If you have proof that any of these listed groups, ministries, etc. are NOT LC/RC, especially the asterisked ones, please send that to me as well (or list it in the comments here). I will gladly remove any group which either a) is not formally associated with LC/RC or which b) does not have more than 50% of leaders, instructors, board of director members, etc. who are involved in LC/RC.

[Update 3/29: I've removed the spaces in the list since it's growing so lengthy. If this makes it too hard to read, let me know.]

Update 7/1/2012: Woodmont Academy in Baltimore closed last year (see list). If readers know of other updated information, please continue to share it! I make the best effort possible to keep this list current. Thanks!


Gracie said...

Hi Erin,

One correction or "filling in blanks". If you google "Woodlands Academy" the first link you get is Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart in the Chicago suburbs. They've been around for a long time, well before the founding of the Legion, and are definitely a Sacred Heart school. I think the Woodlands Academy you list here is the one in Ireland?

Anonymous said...

National Consultants for Education

I believe this is a way for them to accredit their non-accredited schools. "Oh, we ARE fully accredited!" Yeah, by their own in-house org.

On the other hand, I am thrilled to learn that The Westchester Institute is no longer LC run! God bless Fr. Berg. I wonder how that happened...and if it could happen elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You are officially more obnoxious than Keith Oberman and just as irresponsible. He also has too much pride to admit when he is wrong. The good news is the Times would hire you in a heartbeat. Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

How about It says it is run by LC priests and RC. It was advertised at the bottom of the Weekly "Daily Prayer with Regnum Christi" e-mails I used to receive.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there also a website called "whynotpriest" or something like that?

Why have 3 different websites to pump vocations?

Erin Manning said...

I have ePriest on the list and will check out "whynotpriest." Thanks!

Gracie, I appreciate that. When I was getting my list together last night I didn't put locations in on all the schools (time constraints) but with the names as "generic prep school" as many of them are I can see where this would be necessary. I'll work on filling those in.

The most interesting reaction here is the anonymous drive-by LC/RC person who declares I ought to work for the MSM and am obnoxious...because I'm posting a list of everything the Legion is involved in. You would think the Legion would consider this free advertising, not something to be mad about, wouldn't you?

Erin Manning said...

Oh, and thanks for the National Consultants for Education link! They are definitely LC, and will be included here too.

Keep them coming--the reason this is difficult is that there simply isn't one complete, comprehensive list of everything the Legion does or is affiliated with anywhere that I can find. So we'll provide one here, and that will help people make their decisions about which organizations, clubs, programs, apostolates etc. to support or be involved with.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone clear about a link between LC/RC and ENDOW, the study groups for women?

Erin Manning said...

"Whynotpriest" IS another Legion website. I'm adding it to the list.

I will check out ENDOW--I think so far the relationship has been fuzzy, but it's probably one to watch. Their website makes it look as though there is no connection to the LC, but in the list of "spiritualities" they work with they do list Regnum Christi--but then they also list quite a few others.

If anyone has the "inside scoop" on Endow, I'd love to know for sure.

Ian said...

Isn't Couple to Couple League LC or at least influenced by LC?

Deb said...

I agree, I have never understood why they do not make their connections absolutely clear.

I've seen Opus Dei do the same thing. By that I mean offer a day long workshop about "homemaking" that is run by members of Opus Dei clearly put together for recruitment but when pressed if it was an Opus Dei event and why is this not on the flyer as to who is sponsoring it--some vague answer like, well, it really it not an Opus Dei event is given.

Erin Manning said...

Ian, I don't think that it is--at least, it wasn't founded by the Legion and has no official Legion ties that I can find. But I'll be honest--I haven't had any real contact with CCL in recent years. Does anyone know if the Legion is entangled with CCL now?

Erin Manning said...

Deb, I've heard that about Opus Dei chapters, too--that they host little "bible study" groups etc. without informing participants ahead of time that the meetings will be Opus Dei chapter meetings. I dislike this tactic even in an order with a canonized saint as its founder. Be upfront, honest, and truthful about who your affiliates are, and nobody will ever have cause to complain.

Blue Sweatshirt said...

I love all of these comments by "anonymous" complaining about Legion transparency. Maybe you gals were blogging during last week's gospel; you should go back and read it.

When you're done reading it you should apologize to Danielle, Ian and your five loyal readers for misleading them. Then blog about something easier like your cat or your sweater. Sorry cat.

Your latest edition of "Lie about Danielle Bean so someone will read my blog" was excellent. Now it's time to go back to your 1.5 comments per post and your small little world.

Don't censor me. Your readers would object.

Jeannette said...

Blue Sweatshirt,
Thank you for illustrating "Legion charity". You're very integrated!

Jeannette said...

There are quite a few "Our Lady of..." retreat centers that are LC; Our Lady of Mt Kisco, Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Our Lady of Bethesda; also Phases of Womanhood (a blog commenter claims it's no longer LC affiliated but those blog commenters are pretty unreliable, ya know ;) )

Blue Sweatshirt said...

You're in over your head Jean. Would you prefer "Cardigan charity"? That's when you make stuff up about good people in an effort to tear them down and refuse to apologize for it when caught. I'm not a fan of the Legion or Cardigan. Right now I have them in the same box.

freddy said...

Dear "Blue,"
What, exactly has Red Cardigan "made up?" Regarding Danielle Bean, she even provided links back to the sources.

As I read this, it seems that Red Cardigan is simply asking whether those who do not wish to support any LC associations at this time should have an easier time telling what institutions/organizations are associated with the LC.

This is a valid question. And it seems that those who wish to support the LC would want this information up-front as well.

Now, maybe I haven't read these posts carefully enough, so as to your allegations of invention, detraction, and poor journalism, perhaps you could take a minute to provide specifics? Thank you and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Blue Mountain (Academy?) Idaho
Royalmont school Mason, OH

Larry Denninger said...

Oh, I get it. 'Blue sweatshirt'. 'Red Cardigan'. Gosh, that's clever.

In that case...I'm 'Green Hoodie'.

Come on, folks, join in! It's fun!

Erin Manning said...

Careful, Larry. You're going to out yourself as one of my 1.5 readers.

(It's so cute how the drive-by trolls don't know anything about this blog, isn't it?)

Anonymous said...

Immaculate Heart Radio

Anonymous said...

Hey Blue Sweatshirt! What's your name? Oh, I forgot the same rule does not apply for Legion Catholics.

Anonymous said...

Endow is RC

Liz said...

Erin, some of us really appreciate this list. For anyone who really wants to avoid lending support to LC until the Vatican decides what to do with them it's really helpful.

I do feel very sorry for those who have been involved with RC etc. and feel as if they've been nourished there, but it seems pretty clear that at least in some cases there's been heavy handed dealing, and manipulation. I hope that the AV was able to sort it out and offer some concrete recommendations to the Holy Father.

Anonymous said...

Holy Spirit Prep in Atlanta is a Legion school

Erin Manning said...

I'm not finding information that connects Immaculate Heart Radio to the Legion. Anyone have further details?

Same with Endow--I still don't have a solid connection. It's important to keep this list to those things that are known to be either owned, operated, or substantially influenced (e.g. board of directors more than 50% LC) by the Legion.

Holy Spirit Prep is not a Legion school, but their Campus Ministry is run by Legion priests. I'll put that in the list.

Anonymous said...

ENDOW is, I met the woman who started it at an RC convention and she told me about it there.

And also TORCH, Traditions of Roman Catholic Homes.

Anonymous said...


Erin Manning said...

I've added Integer. Very...interesting.

Thanks to all for continuing to send these!

Kathi said...

Erin -
you listed "Guadalupe Radio"? Please tell me that is not 910 AM here in the DFW area????

I looked on their website & found no affiliation -

Erin Manning said...

Kathi, so far I'm not really sure. The main station is out of California. But this press release from Regnum Christi mentions other areas covered by their stations, and Texas is among them. See here:

If anyone knows for certain that the Texas station is *not* affiliated with the Regnum Christi affiliated stations, please let me know, and I'll make sure the post reflects that.

Deb said...

You can add Immaculate Conception Apostolic School, Center Harbor, NH
as an LC ministry.

Anonymous said...

Immaculate Heart Radio
Sherman is RC
son is Fr. Branigan Sherman LC
chaplain for IHR is Fr. Daniel Ray LC

remember folks. The L/R are hiding their affiliation in many entities that they control so you will not find L/R on the websites.

Larry Denninger said...

Erin - so am I the .5 follower, or are there are two followers that constitute .75?

Martha said...

Kathi, Erin,

The general manager of Guadalupe 910 in DFW is not a member of RC; and the names listed as the Board of Directors for La Promesa (which developed the Guadalupe Network) are not people in RC in Dallas. I think if it were an RC affiliate I'd have heard it. I think it is just a common name.

On the other hand, the Guadalupe Radio station in California says on the bottom of its website.

Martha said...

Oh, also, for some reason the boys club in Dallas (equivalent of ConQuest) is called Everest.

There is also Youth for the Third Millennium (which I think is just the old name for Mission Youth) and Women for the Third Millennium. BUT there is another, totally unrelated group with the same name. The RC affiliated WTM puts on breakfasts in Dallas, TX. AFAIK there is no website.

Martha said...

Sorry I didn't think of all these at once. Lumen Institute is another (although the only LC mention I see on their website is that their national chaplain is an LC.) I don't know if the Legion began this apostolate but they are the ones trying to expand it.

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like Lumen is lc, but, as usual, you have to go digging.

Erin Manning said...

Wow, Anonymous! Thanks for that. I'll update the post.

Anonymous said...

Lumen Institute is totally an LC apostolate. The people who run it are LC employees, its board is made up of well heeled executives who are LC friendly, it targets members who are either wealthy or influential in their respective disciplines, and the "coaching" provided to its members is a modified form of "spiritual direction" given by the LC chaplain. Fees for members are very high, and members are solicited for additional funds.

Anonymous said...

How about Immaculate Conception Academy in Wakefield, R.I.? That is a High School for girls who are open to a vocation as a 3gf. Also what about all the seminaries? I suppose you did not think those were hidden apostolates, but they are part of the Movement.

Anonymous said...

I third that ENDOW is RC created; however, I do not know if it is owned by the Legion.

Michael said...

Springfield Center for Family Development (
Center for Family Development
Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center for the previous two.

By the way, the proper name for the first listing is simply Alpha Omega Clinics, not Alpha and Omega.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the St. Michael Institute is lc/rc or not, but I do know that Philip Mango is rc (and he's the president). He has a son, Peter, who teaches at the LC seminary in Thornwood, NY. I've had my experience with the father as psychologist and would not recommend him as a Catholic therapist; I also know that someone else had an experience with him that was certainly not psychologically healthy.

Anyone know the others on this list?

Anonymous said...

What about Faith and Family magazine and FaithandFamilyLive? They are funded and backed by Circle Media Press which is RC and headed up by Father Owen Kerns, LC. Rebecca Teti who writes at Faith and Family is RC. Also, Danielle Bean may not be RC, but her new book (co authored by Elizabeth Foss) is published by Circle Media Press.

Erin Manning said...

Faith and Family is in the list already, and so is Circle Media--thanks, though!

Jeannette said...

Our Lady of the Apostolic Family Center, Indianapolis

Triangle Center for Family Development, Cary NC

Our Lady of Mt Kisco, NY

Woodmont school is in Baltimore not DC

Anonymous said...

What about Ascension Press? No mention of RC connection but their publications *look* just like the RC publications (i.e. Faith and Family): all that glossy photo stock. As I understand it, they used to publish ENDOW materials, but now ENDOW has decided to "publish internally," so they "can make corrections more easily." Materials still look exactly the same. I don't know much about publishing, but this *looks* like they are all the same.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the therapist...from Rod Dreher's blog:

"My wife urged me to go talk to a Catholic psychotherapist about my inner turmoil. So I did. My third visit occurred after I published a Wall Street Journal op-ed saying that John Paul had failed the American church. Excerpt:

*snip* (You can read the excerpt on his blog.)

When I sat down in the chair across from the therapist (who, I should point out, was at the time affiliated in some way with the now-disgraced Legionaries of Christ, favorites of John Paul, and reported bribers of his inner circle), he tore into me for this column. He yelled at me that I was "a new Luther," that I was going to lose my family if I persisted in criticizing the Holy Father, that I was under demonic influence, and so forth. I argued back. There's nothing quite like your therapist -- a man who took you on as a patient in part because you were seeking help dealing with anger at Church officials over child sex abuse -- literally screaming at you that you're in danger of going to hell for having published a criticism of the Pope. Needless to say, that was the last time I saw that therapist, or any therapist. That shocking experience taught me how pathological John Paul II's cult of personality could be, even among intelligent people who ought to have known better. While it pains me to see the current pope subject to cheap attacks by petty controversialists, in the end the absence of a personality cult is one reason why it's better that Ratzinger and not Wojtyla is in charge during this crisis."

Beware, beware anyone affiliated with lc/rc.

Avid said...

Thanks for the ENDOW info-- I was really interested in becoming a "facilitator"- then I saw the models beaming from the glossy covers of encyclicals. Shoot. The sad thing is that I don't even want to join something that is remotely involved with the Legion-- my experience with them has left me with such a bad taste in my mouth.
Oh- and I read you faithfully- rarely comment because sometimes my "mother to four very young children brain" just isn't up to it. I know I'm not alone. -Green Pullover (yes- I'm a Red Cardigan wannabe!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this list and keeping it available. We recently formed a homeschool group in our parish and were discussing the benefits of TORCH. Now we can make a truly informed decision.

Kathi said...

"Ancora is an international alliance of Catholic girls, ages 11-17 who are willing to respond to the call of Christ by committing themselves to support the Holy Father and vocations. This two-fold mission is carried out through prayer and apostolic action."

My sister's daughter is in it - they are an active RC family.

CD said...

Hi, I am RC and have no clue how I got here (if you ask something and I don't answer it is because I am not browsing around). I didn't read all your messages, but one that called my attention is why not everything says that it is RC/LC affiliated. Let me explain:
Many of the apostolates you mention do not say that simply because they are not RC/LC apostolates, but mere initiatives started by a group of people, from which some might be RC but RC or LC as a movement/congregation is not runing it. Maybe some advice is given, but these people also seek advice from other people/groups/movements/dioceses not to "enrich" their own group, but simply to help as many souls as possible to get closer to Christ. That is the beauty of the Church, all people working together to help souls, whoever it might be and whatever spirituality they may be called to.
So, that is the nutshell, they are jsut initiatives of people and the fact that some out of the whole group might be RC doesn't make it an RC apostoalte, jsut as if there would be a third order franciscan, the apostolate doesn't make it deendent of the Franciscans, or another person who does not belong to any group, then it does not make this initiative a diocese apostolate. They are independant and do not depend on RC/LC methodologies or anyhting.

Thank you very much. I believe you do all this out of good will. I am sorry if we have hurt you some how. As for myself, I have only experienced true guidance with purity of intention and freedom to let me do what I decide.
God bless.

Kim said...

Check out East Lake Academy in Lake Forest, IL.

Anonymous said...

Erin, rest assured that Zenit is 100% RC/LC run. It is overseen and guided by the Legion, and it is one of their primary news fronts. Zenit regularly publishes the positive spin on the apostolic visitation and the supposed reformation process taking place in the Legion.


Anonymous said...

Primavera Fine Art Foundation

Looks like your classic, relatively covert RC apostolate. No mention of the LC/RC link, but the founding family is 100% RC, with an LC vocation, and their art advisor is Fr. John Bartunek, LC.


Amy R said...

I just visited the LC main website, mainly to see if there was anything on their about their founder. There is very little. But th link to their high schools has two or three which are not on this list yet:

Sacred Heart Apostolic School, Rolling Prairie, Indiana. (on list but town & state not listed)

Immaculate Conception Apostolic School, Colfax, California.

École Apostolique de l’Immaculée Conception, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Also, I just read on New Advent that EWTN is buying the National Catholic Register.

Anonymous said...

RC is demonic; stay the hell away from them. Posted from someone who worked at one of their academies in RI and got the hell out of there. The right-hand man to Maciel told me to leave b/c the place was nuts. I never went public, but I should have. This list is good. Do not support anything related to LC/RC.

Charlotte said...

Cathedral Consulting seems suspect. The front page endorsement from Aquinas Academy and then they describe their services as in the U.S. and Latin America.

Martha said...

I'm glad to see I did not steer you wrong with my earlier comments. I have here a copy of the Diocese of Dallas 2010-2011 Directory, published by the Diocese of Dallas. It lists Regnum Christi with the following Apostolates: Catholic Kids' Net, Challenge Club, ConQuest, Familia, Helping Hands, Lumen Institute, Women for the Third Millennium, Mission Youth, Splendor of Love, Pilgrim Queen.

Anonymous said...

I am curious about the women's bible study "Walking with Purpose." The book they use is Father Bartunek's "The Better Part" but there is no mention of LC or RC on their website. In Atlanta, the two parishes which are chapters are both LC affiliated. Now, there is a group trying to bring it to my parish and I am very concerned.

Anonymous said...

The woman who started Walking With Purpose goes to my Parish and is still involved with LC/RC. She is a great woman and it is a great program that got approval from our Diocese. She is a convert who wanted to do a Catholic version of the Women's bible studies she experienced. I just feel sick knowing who her Spiritual Director is an LC Priest and that it was started as a recruiting tool for RC. Not so much know as RC is dying in our area, but all the Walking with Purpose programs that I saw on their website are close to RC Centers. As with all their apostolates, they are so well done and necessary but the fear factor keeps so many of us from supporting them.

Aaron said...

Woodmont Academy (Baltimore) shut down a couple years ago.

Anonymous said...

What about "Moda Real" in Atlanta? I think it grew out of Pure Fashion and is run mostly by rc ladies.


Erin Manning said...

Thanks, Angela! I'll add it.

Sheila said...

I'm pretty sure that Couple to Couple League is thoroughly RC. Sheila Kippley told me in 2009 that when they handed on their organization to others, pretty soon those people turned it into an RC apostolate and changed a lot of things about it. The Kippleys responded by founding a new organization, NFP International, and now give away their materials as free PDFs. (One of their objections to the way RC ran it is that they charged too much.)

I am also positive that Primavera Fine Art is RC, not sure if that's on there.

Erin Manning said...

Thanks, Sheila! I didn't know that about CCL.