Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sr. Lorraine to pro-health care bill nuns: Deem on. Not.

I really enjoy reading the blog of Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve', titled Open wide the doors to Christ. I appreciate Sister's spiritual insights, her gentle tone, and her thoughtful reflections on a wide variety of topics.

I also really appreciate her post from today:
A group of nuns just released a letter urging Congress to support Obamacare. A story in the Boston Globe this morning said they represent 59,000 American nuns.

Wrong. They don't represent me.

Obamacare would be a universal nightmare.

1) It would greatly expand abortion funding. That means more abortions. Whatever you subsidize, you get more of. For unborn babies, Obamacare is DEAD WRONG.

2) It would be as efficient as other government entities. Think the post office. Think about your local DMV. (No offense to the people who work there; I just mean the whole system is inefficient.) Remember the story that came out a few months ago about NASA? That it lost pictures of the moon landing, one of the most historic events of our age? If they can't even keep track of that, what do you think would happen to your medical records?

3) It would drive doctors out of the profession and reduce access to care.(...)
Do go and read the whole thing; also read Sister's second post, More on the nuns, which quotes the USCCB's Sr. Marianne Walsh, who is setting the record straight on the number of nuns actually represented by the more liberal wing which came out, in defiance of the bishops, to agitate for the health care plan despite its present funding of abortion.

So while a small group of liberal nuns is shouting for Nanci Pelosi to "Deem on!" and declare the health care bill passed by dictatorial fiat, Sister Lorraine is reminding us that real nuns don't support the funding of abortion, not in so-called "health care" nor anywhere else.

Real nuns are pro-life. No compromises, no exceptions.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Sister is wrong. Again, not about abortion. I won't argue that at all. I'm not at all sure that this bill as presently constituted will result in any more abortions, but her big errors are on "government entities."

Start with the post office. When I order anything on line or by mail, I implore the seller to PLEASE send my purchase USPS, not UPS, not Fed Ex, the postal service. It is so much more convenient to me. I know, more days than not, about what time the mail will arrive. I know when to try to be home. If I can't be home, I can conveniently retrieve the package, less than a mile from home -- instead of ten miles away, or having to stay home all day wondering when it will be delivered. I haven't had a problem with how many days it takes either.

Next, losing photographs. IF the government were going to have physical possession of my medical files, I would worry. But that is not what this bill is about. My doctor will have the files. At least, maybe I can have a doctor again. I haven't been able to afford one since my union job expired last summer. Its not about NASA.

I appreciate that no group of nuns can say they represent ALL nuns. Nuns, although some Americans may not realize it, hold a wide range of opinions. Within the limits of the discipline they have entered, they hold as many different opinions as the rest of Americans. So she's right about that.

Larry Denninger said...

Erin - the CMSWR issued a counter statement in support of the bishops. I blogged about it here. Comes with a free poster...