Thursday, April 1, 2010

A clarification from Guadalupe Radio Network

I know, I know--what break, right? But I received the following e-mail from Dave Palmer, the General Manager of Guadalupe Radio Network based in Midland, TX. Mr. Palmer asked that I post his e-mail , and I'm most happy to comply:

Hello Erin:

I received your email regarding the Guadalupe Radio Network (GRN), based in Midland, TX and any affiliation with the Legionnaires of Christ (LC) or Regnum Christi (RC). The Guadalupe Radio Network has no such formal affiliation. We carry EWTN programming almost exclusively which consists of a variety of programs and hosts. There are two possible reasons for any confusion as to the GRN’s affiliation with the LC and RC. First, there is another radio group based in California which, until recently, was called Radio Guadalupe. I believe they carry only Spanish language Catholic programming. Their website is reporting that they are now calling themselves Guadalupe Radio (GR). This group, Guadalupe Radio, to my knowledge, is affiliated with LC and RC. On our (GRN) three Spanish language stations (DFW, San Antonio and Midland/Odessa), we carry one show for an hour each week called ‘Hombre Nuevo’ which we receive from Guadalupe Radio in California. So, in that sense, we carry one of their shows on our Spanish stations. But this is the extent of our affiliation with GR, LC or RC.

I hope this explanation will help clear up any confusion. We would appreciate if you would post this response from us on the blog so others can learn the truth about this as well.


Dave Palmer

General Manager

Guadalupe Radio Network- North Texas

So there you have it--Guadalupe Radio Network is not affiliated with the Legion of Christ/Regnum Christi's "Guadalupe Radio," which apparently used to be called "Radio Guadalupe."

A blessed Holy Thursday to all!

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