Thursday, April 8, 2010

For Ruthie: Praying till Pentecost

Those of you who have been following the story know that Rod Dreher's sister, Ruthie Leming, is continuing her valiant fight against Stage IV lung cancer. A fundraiser/concert for Ruthie is being held in her hometown of St. Francisville, Louisiana, on Saturday; for the many of us who would like to help but are too far away to attend, the Bank of St. Francisville has set up a Paypal account for the Ruthie Leming Medical Fund (it's near the bottom left side of the page, under a medical fund for a different Ruthie who is also in need).

In his post today, Rod wrote:
I know Ruthie is planning to be there, but it's just going to depend on her condition. Things are really, really rough for her right now. She's so weak she can barely walk. The chemo load she's carrying -- real shock-and-awe therapy, five bags of the poison each session -- is devastating her body. More than anything, she needs your prayers -- and so do Mike and the girls, and our folks. Thank you.
I thought this would be a good opportunity to revise the "Rosaries for Ruthie" effort we had going on before; several of you signed up to pray a decade of the rosary, or a whole rosary, for the duration of Lent for Ruthie and her family. Now that Lent is over, I thought some of you might want to commit to saying a prayer each day for Ruthie and for her family as they struggle with her cancer.

There are so many beautiful prayers to say: the Regina Coeli, the Divine Mercy chaplet, the Memorare, even a simple "Our Father." I'm going to continue with the rosary for now, but I'll also ask my family to join me in a daily Memorare for Ruthie.

Will you also pray some prayer or devotion daily for Ruthie Leming from now until Pentecost? Please leave a comment if you will join in with this prayer effort.

Thank you in advance, and God bless!


Rebecca said...

We will keep her in our Rosary intentions and we will add a daily memorare.

Anonymous said...


Mary Alice Phillips said...

Continuing to pray for Ruthie and her family. We're all in this together as the Body of Christ!

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

We will offer our Regina Caeli for Ruthie from now until Pentecost!

Sister C. said...

Night-time Adoration will be offered for Ruthie three times a week from now until Pentecost. Please keep us posted!