Monday, April 12, 2010

Willful blindness and werewolves

The second part of Jason Berry's report on the Legion is here (hat tip: Pete Vere, who also came up with the totally awesome phrase "...werewolves dressed as shepherds.")

If you haven't read Berry's report so far, the first part is here.

Both of these might help explain why I take such a strongly negative view of the Legion. This is not a simply matter of mistakes made by one man which don't influence the rest of the organization; in fact, it's almost impossible to see the situation that way, without a certain amount of willful blindness. Which is pretty dangerous, when there are werewolves about.


TROLL said...

I am disappointed by the lack of originality of Berry's research. All it is, is a collection of blog stories from the usual anti-Legion commentators. I find his research on Sodano to be more innuendo than hard facts, the Pinochet connection being the prime example of that--not at all relevant. And oh, he does not like wealthy South American families. Not very substantial, I say. A waste of ink and bandwidth. You can't base a reform on hot air.

Anonymous said...

The "hot air" is exactly what brought the truth about Maciel out. It took years and years for that "hot air" to effect results, but effect results it eventually did.

Hopefully Berry's "hot air" on the Pinochet connection and corruption in South America will eventually be further investigated and verified, just as his "hot air" regarding Maciel's life of deception and sexual predation eventually was.

Enough hot air, and the balloon of truth on this aspect of the Maciel Saga just might take flight.

TROLL said...

Well, if Jason Berry's research is the standard, the balloon won't be going anywhere.

I hate Pinochet with a passion, but if you are going to be making any links, you have to do a better job than that. The folks who accuse Pius XII of complicity with the Nazis because of the Concordat signed with Germany have that fiction strung out more solidly (which is nothing at all to anyone who digs deeper than a finger nail scratch) than Berry's linking Sodano to Pinochet.

You might go for hot air. I prefer solid research that stands up to scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

What I am saying is that Jason's "hot air" about Maciel's sexual predation (and yes, I heard his research and reporting on Maciel's abuse of seminarians in the notorious Hartford Courant article called all sorts of pejorative terms by supporters of LC/RC for YEARS) is exactly what finally forced the Vatican to start doing a bit of investigating on its own. Similarly, Berry's reporting on this financial mess just might encourage some financial forensics by those whose forte that is.

Jason Berry is hardly the end all and be all of journalism and investigative reporting. I am glad he has brought this to light so that those with an expertise in these matters can do the hard digging.