Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A business letter

Our youngest girl, nicknamed "Hatchick" for her love of hats, is the sort of girl who even at almost 12 has not yet outgrown the joy of constructing tents, forts, etc. out of whatever materials are at hand. The other day, I was reminiscing about her use of couch cushions to "build" things when she was younger, and she immediately asked permission to do so again; a while later she showed me the "bed" she had made in the living room, complete with cushion headboard and footboard, that she had accessorized with blankets etc. so that it looked a bit like a bed you might order from Ikea.

Today, she finished her school work before her sisters. While I was working with Kitten on a math lesson I heard the sound of an email arriving in my inbox; I went and read the following message, which I have only altered by replacing my girls' real names with their blog nicknames:

Subject: Business letter

Dear Mrs. Manning,

I am terribly sorry to bother you for I know that you are extremely busy.

Could you find the time to answer a question?

I want to know if now that I have finished my work I could make the bed out of pillows.

I know how busy you are so please take your time upon answering.


Miss [Hatchick] Manning

I had to write my name because being the eldest, [Kitten] is the only one who can use the title "Miss Manning."

For a not-quite-12-year-old, that's a pretty darned good example of a business letter (though I'll have to remind her that a business letter gets a colon instead of a comma after the salutation, of course). It also achieved its object--how, with such an elegant communication of her request to build pretend furniture out of the couch cushions, could I possibly say no?



Rebecca said...

So cute! She sounds a lot like my almost-10-year-old dd, who loves building, inventing, and experimenting.

chimakuni said...

Home education - the best!

Unknown said...

Firstly thanks for sharing..home education seems to be the best these days..