Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fun: What should my new blog be named?

Okay, it's Friday, and I was up until 3 a.m. yesterday working on the second book in the Tales of Telmaja series. This one will have about 15 chapters, unless my team of advance readers tells me to make massive cuts in the material.  I've already made massive cuts of anything that didn't advance the story, though, so... (And Alicia, does this answer your "time management" question from yesterday's comment box? :)  I don't manage time; I'm an unrepentant night owl with writing obsessions and a killer caffeine habit!)

So for some blog fun today, I'd like to run a very non-serious poll:

A: If I move this blog to a new platform, should it get a new name?

B: If you answered "yes" to A, do you have any suggestions for the new name?  What are they?

I have no idea how long it's going to take me to do the move, let alone whether I'll stick with And Sometimes Tea or go for something new.  Change is good, though, right?


Will Duquette said...

I think you should name "Never Any Tea".

Alisha De Freitas said...

Yes, I understand now. Three AM? Whew! I usually wake up between five and six just to get in some free time. To read, write, exercise, pray, sometimes go food shopping (it's easier to go baby-free) or... Drink coffee uninterrupted.

New blog name... I really love "And Sometimes Tea", but you'll come up with something just as sweet. I'm actually changing my blog's name. Yes, I aspire to Proverbs 31. But when I write about hair, politics or just random stuff, I've received feedback that it doesn't quite fit. So a change is a-comin'...

Erin Manning said...

Will, that would be cute...but sort of inside-jokey! (OT: I've started reading your book!)

I like your present blog name, too, Alisha! But I like changes, too--can't wait to see what you come up with!

Saphira said...

I like "and sometimes tea" a lot and would miss it if it changed names. But I would survive.

Larry Denninger said...

As I've said before, I do like WordPress better than Blogger. Publishing is easier, and while the plug-ins are inferior (for instance, SiteMeter doesn't track specific entry and exit clicks) and the templates aren't as flexible, I prefer WP's commenting moderation features and cleaner, less cluttered appearance.

There are 2 ways to migrate your blog, Erin. The easy way and the Slightly Less Easy way. The SLE way allows you to include comments, while the easy way does not. I can't recall exactly what was involved in the SLE way - I think I had to export my blog as a file, save it on the hard drive, and then import that file into WP. Hey, if I can switch without a problem, surely between you and Thad, you can manage it as well!

As to the blog name - I wouldn't change it. But if you do, how about "Cardigans, Veils And Pants"? lol

Erin Manning said...

Thanks, Larry! And I love the name suggestion--though I may not change it after all. Hopefully things will settle down around here so I can actually do this!