Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From the "frustrating but funny" files...

Guess what?  My book is now available for sale at Barnes and Noble's online store!

Guess what else?  BN.com seems to think that I am not this Erin Manning, but that one.  Yep, they've got the "Meet the Author" info of the popular TV celebrity and photographer on my book's listing page.

I've contacted Barnes and Noble through the address you're supposed to use if you're a writer and there's a problem with your book's listing--in fact, I've contacted them three times since last Friday.  I've gotten absolutely zero response: not even a canned email saying they are aware of the problem and will get back to me.  Nothing.  I can only imagine how awful it would be if the problem with the listing was a really serious one--say, a book description that was for the wrong book, or something.

In the meantime, just before I started writing this post, I sent an email to the photographer Erin Manning just to let her know I'm trying to get this fixed--and she has already taken the time to write a friendly note back!  What an amazingly kind thing for her to do.

In any case, if you order my book from Barnes & Noble, just realize that the lovely blond lady pictured under the book description is not me--and if you're like me and could use some serious help in the photography department, you might take a minute to browse her titles too!


Saphira said...

You mean you're not *the* Erin Manning...and all this time I've been reading your blog...

Unknown said...

How funny! Should you be flattered or insulted? Nice that the "other" Erin is being good humored about it.

Erin Manning said...

Definitely flattered! :)

Rebecca--funny! But I think the total lack of even remotely focused photos on this blog is a dead giveaway...

eulogos said...

Is your book at Amazon? Available for Kindle? At B&N, is it available for NOOK?
I guess I can look and find out.
ebook fanatic here

Erin Manning said...

Yes, Susan! It is available here for Kindle:


And here for print via Amazon:


Unfortunately, I can't make it available for the Nook at this time.

eulogos said...

I bought it and read it on my Kindle. I tried to get it for Nook because I have a Nook Glow which is nice and light (in two senses) for reading in bed vs the Kindle with the lighted cover which is heavy, but I was unsuccessful. A search of the title brought up nothing, and a search of your name brought up the photographer's books.

Why can't you make it available for Nook? My granddaughter Sophia has a Nook and I think she might like your book.


eulogos said...

I forgot to say how much I enjoyed it. A very engaging main character. I think I would have enjoyed more fleshing out of each part of the story-more on his life on the decrepit space station, more time before he got caught by you know who, more time before they got loose again. But I suppose I am asking you to make it an adult novel. It is at about the depth asked for currently by the genre you wrote it in, and being able to do that is a necessary skill for getting published. You just made the characters and the places,interesting enough that I would like to know them in more depth.

Erin Manning said...

Susan, thank you! There will be a little more "fleshing-out" in the sequel, which I'm working hard to get ready. But yes--it's a balancing act when writing mainly for kids to know how much back story to include and how much to save for later. I don't always choose rightly. :)

As far as Nook goes, I used Kindle Direct to publish my e-book version (which made sense to me because of CreateSpace's relationship with Amazon). There's an initial time period during which I agreed to have the e-book exclusively available in Kindle format as part of the process. After that time passes, I might technically be free to publish the e-book using other formats, but there are some pitfalls in doing so (ISBN number issues, digital copyright issues, and so on) that are complicated for the self-published author to deal with. Since I'm still under the "exclusive" time period I really haven't done much investigation into how to offer the e-book through other formats if and when I'm free to do so. That doesn't mean I'll never be able to do it, but up front it's not something I can do.