Monday, October 29, 2012

Just some prayers today...

...for all those in Sandy's path, especially blog friends and readers.

...for Barbara Curtis, who has reportedly suffered a stroke. UPDATE: The situation is serious, and it seems as though Mrs. Curtis is not expected to recover.  Go here for information on a way to help the family if you wish.

...for some sweet relatives who are still battling the kind of virus that wraps its tentacles around you and just won't let go.

...for someone who recently and unexpectedly lost an extended family member.

...for some conversions, especially for those who I prayed for at Mass yesterday.

...and for all of you, and all of your prayer intentions today.

God bless!

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scotch meg said...

Thanks for the prayers! We lost power for only four hours, but that was enough. Kids in our town are having their second "hurricane" day off from school because of downed power lines. Administrators are worrying about snow days now - this wise decision eats into their allotment of extra days at the end of the year. Our homeschool took yesterday off, but we are back at work today; I did cancel the literature discussions that normally meet here on Tuesdays. Who knows where is or isn't safe to drive? Some of the students come from nearly Texas-like distances.