Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The fine art of dereliction of duty

So, Sr. Mary Tracy, the principle of Eastside Catholic High School, has resigned.  I'm only sorry she's resigning over the gay "married" administrator issue, and not because she has clearly and negligently failed to oversee anything even remotely resembling a Catholic education at Eastside Pagan--oh, sorry, Eastside Catholic High School.

I will admit that this made things a bit clearer to me:
Tracy, 63, had more than 30 years of leadership experience with the Seattle Archdiocese and at area Catholic schools before 2010, when she joined Eastside, a private, independent school affiliated with the archdiocese but overseen by its own board. [...]

Originally from Spokane, she’s a member of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. She spent 20 years as dean of students and principal of Holy Names Academy in Seattle and served for 15 years at the National Catholic Educational Association in Washington, D.C. [Emphasis added--E.M.]

Holy Names Academy was the unholy faux "Catholic" school where I was taught, among other things, how to use contraception during fornication (hey, don't all high school students fornicate regularly?) by our supposedly Catholic "health" teacher and, by my religion teacher, that the Church used to burn all intelligent women as witches so they wouldn't question male authority.  Charming place, really; I credit my survival as a Catholic to my parents' heroic decision to pull my siblings and me out of the Seattle area's sad excuses for Catholic schools and begin homeschooling us all those decades ago.

It's not at all a surprise to me, then, that Sister Mary Tracy is skilled in the fine art of dereliction of duty and taking money under false pretenses ("Why, yes, we are a Catholic school full of authentic orthodox Catholic teaching!  Now fork over the dough!" etc.).  I'm actually more surprised that she fired the gay "married" administrator in the first place; perhaps some orthodox Catholic parents found out about the marriage and threatened to go public or something, or perhaps the administrator posted his "wedding" pictures on the school's bulletin boards.  Who knows?  All I know is that if Sister Mary Tracy and her ilk had resigned from Seattle's Catholic schools a long, long time ago, there might be some hope of restoring them to actual Catholicism.  As it is, I stand by my earlier recommendation that the schools be vacated and shut down, then burned to the ground which should be salted and blessed in accordance with approved Church exorcism rituals.  Nothing less will help the benighted Catholic high school students of Seattle, I'm afraid.


Chris-2-4 said...

What a fiasco. I suppose it's good news that she will no longer be the principle, but it certainly seems like a mixed message. It appears the protesters supporting Zmuda were angry at Sr. Mary Tracy and wanted her out, but at the same she says she supports the other gay teacher who announced her engagement.

I guess you're right. If it comes to a point where you can't even tell who the good guys are, perhaps the only solution is to shutter it.

I'm curious though, are there any parent groups who are backing Church teaching here? The news stories seem to be utterly silent on any parent groups except the the protesters. It looks like there is dereliction of duty in a whole lot of homes there as well.

Erin Manning said...

That's a good point, Chris. I think some of the problem comes from the wealthiest parents, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, who demand a school that is sort of "Catholicish/Christianish" but not in any way that would be uncomfortable or demanding of moral changes in their lifestyles. Sad.

alcogito said...

It is strange that after all this time, the pastor of the Catholic church one half mile from Eastside Catholic School has yet to say one word publicly about this issue.