Thursday, May 22, 2014

Getting back into fiction writing

I'm still attempting to get back into fiction writing on a regular basis.  The school year is drawing to a close; my second oldest will finish high school in a few weeks (yay!); and it's time I started setting some real deadlines for my two outstanding projects.

So, of course, I've decided to add a third.

It's not another Smijj/Telmaj book, actually.  It's a not-yet-completed story that reads a bit like an alternative universe Regency romance, except that it features evil mermaids, kind-but-slightly-nerdy vampires, and a human girl in the midst of all the faintly Gothic weirdness.

My daughters love this manuscript.  They keep begging me to finish it and make it available through Create Space.  So, even though I need to have Book Three in the Tales of Telmaja series edited and available for sale by late fall at the latest, and even though I need to finish the manuscript of book five, I am also working on finishing the as-yet untitled mermaid/vampire book, with a deadline for the completion of the first draft that is completely ridiculous.

Which is a long way of saying that I'm taking a blog break.  Like most of my breaks, it won't be total silence; I'm sure I'll have things to say.  But for the next few weeks, I won't be posting anything like daily.  For those of you who read my blog daily, your patience, as always, is greatly appreciated.


Larry Denninger said...

Good luck on the Juggling Pens Act, Red. Looking forward to reading your fiction as it becomes available.

Erin Manning said...

Thanks, Larry! Are you working on any fiction right now?

Larry Denninger said...

I am - several short stories, and the outlines for a couple novels.

Now if I can only do something about the distractions that keep interrupting me!